CNN’s Chris Wallace stunned by the ‘close call’ democracy came to exploding under Trump

On CNN Thursday, anchor Chris Wallace reacted to the bombshell revelations about Trump ally Jeffrey Clark in the day’s January 6 hearing.

The chain of events laid out in the hearing, Wallace argued, shows the whole plan came far closer to succeeding than anyone realized.

“Two things that struck me about today’s hearing,” said Wallace. “One was, this was really a close call. This was very much a near thing. Because that, again, let’s go back to the letter that Jeffrey Clark and John Eastman and the president wanted the Justice Department that would have said we identified significant concerns, send this out to the states, the swing states, and we want your legislatures to send separate slates of electors for Trump in states that Biden won. If Jeffrey Rosen had succeeded in that, you’re in a different situation on January 6th.”

The hearings, Wallace said, also drove home the real reason why the former president didn’t pull the trigger on the plan.

“The other thing that struck me was Steven Engle,” said Wallace. “He was the assistant attorney general in charge of the Office of Legal Counsel. That’s, in effect, the lawyers to the lawyers of the Justice Department, what you can and can’t do. And Trump, for some run, liked and trusted him.”

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“But Trump is not persuaded because he’s wrong, the facts are wrong about the states,” said Wallace. “He’s not persuaded because it’s immoral to do what he’s doing. He’s persuaded because Engle says, this is going to be really bad. People are going to look and they’re going to say, you had two attorneys general in two weeks, and you finally had to go to the environmental guy to get somebody to sign the letter and it will end up being that Jeffrey Clark is presiding over a graveyard.”

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The close call America came to falling