Trump-endorsed Dr. Oz has ‘stunning’ negative popularity across Pennsylvania: CNN analyst

Even though Republicans are on track for big wins in this fall’s midterm elections, it appears that Trump-endorsed Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dr. Oz is struggling to gain traction in his race against Democratic rival John Fetterman.

Breaking down the race on CNN, analyst Michael Smerconish pointed to new polling showing that Oz is deeply unpopular throughout the state.

“President Trump’s pollster just did a survey for the AARP in Pennsylvania,” he said. “Dr. Oz — I’m holding it in my hand — has stunning negatives and they are across the board. 63 percent of all Pennsylvania voters perceive him unfavorably, among republicans it’s 38 percent.”

Smerconish then noted that Oz has shifted rapidly in his advertisements, as he is no longer mentioning that Trump endorsed him and is instead trying to project a softer image.

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That said, Smerconish doesn’t believe Oz’s attempt at an extreme makeover will be effective.

“The pivot toward the center is a tale as old as time, politically speaking, but there’s going to be so much money spent in Pennsylvania,” he said. “I don’t think that John Fetterman is going to allow Pennsylvania voters for a moment to forget the association between Dr. Oz and Donald Trump.”

Oz has faced criticism for moving to Pennsylvania from New Jersey just so he could make a run for the Senate, and even many Trump supporters were furious when he endorsed him earlier this year.

Watch the video below.

Trump-endorsed Dr. Oz has ‘stunning’ negative popularity across Pennsylvania: analyst