Teacher shot by 6-year-old student plans to sue school for ignoring warning signs

The first-grade teacher who was shot by one of her own students now plans to sue the school for ignoring the obvious warnings from the student, according to NBC Nightly News.

Teacher Abigail Zwerner says that she went to school officials in Newport News earlier to report that the same student who would go on to shoot her had threatened to physically assault another student.

“This entire situation was completely avoidable if the school administrators responsible for school safety had done their part,” said Diane Toscano, attorney for Zwerner.

School administrators were given a warning about the student, who also threatened another student after showing them a gun in their backpack. Another teacher told administrators about the threat and asked to search the student, but their efforts were denied.

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In the hours before Zwerner was shot, her nerve about the student threat increased, even texting relatives about the troubled student and his threats that were not being addressed by school officials.

The superintendent of the Newport News School District, Dr. George Parker III, has been forced out of his position due to his lack of response to the emergency.