Mike Lindell’s ‘frankly embarrassing’ bid for RNC chair angers members: ‘Making pillows and winning election — no correlation’

Mike Lindell is running for Republican National Committee chair, but no one seems sure whether he’s serious.

The MyPillow CEO and Donald Trump ally is running against current chair Ronna Romney McDaniel, who’s heavily favored to keep her job, and former California RNC member Harmeet Dhillon, but some committee members says Lindell is mounting a “pseudo-campaign” that didn’t inspire confidence in his ability to lead the national party, reported Vice News.

“His candidacy for the RNC shows he doesn’t know how to campaign for an office,” said Iowa GOP chair Jeff Kaufmann. “Do you see the irony here? He’s campaigning to be the RNC chair for more campaigns, and his campaign for RNC chair is a bunch of boilerplate emails that have come very, very late. Making pillows and winning elections — I don’t think there’s a correlation there.”

McDaniel has the backing of two-thirds of the RNC members who will vote Friday at their annual conference, and Dhillon — a Trump campaign lawyer — has endorsements from dozens of members, while Lindell has, at the very least, the signatures of at least two members who signed paperwork required to qualify him for the ballot, but he won’t say who they are.

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“I wouldn’t tell you that in a million years,” Lindell told Vice News. “What, so you could go attack them? I’m not stupid. You guys must really think I’m dumb. I’m going to win.”

Only one RNC member has publicly endorsed Lindell, and that’s fellow election denier Lenar Whitney of Louisiana, but other members cast doubt on the pillow monger’s claims to have contacted each of them personally to make his case.

“I don’t know a single member who’s heard from the guy,” said one RNC member who privately said he planned to vote for McDaniel. “I frankly think it’s embarrassing that he’s even officially nominated. He’s done nothing but run his mouth about something he doesn’t understand, and now he wants to run the party? I’m not going to run his business just because I sleep on a MyPillow.”