Defense attorney: Murdaugh prosecutor’s opening statement revealed brand new and damning information

Disgraced former high-powered South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdaugh faced trial today for the killing of his wife and son, in a shocking case that gripped the nation.

But the prosecution revealed as-yet unknown evidence to the public that could massively impact the case — which defense attorney Misty Marris detailed on CNN Wednesday.

“What stands out to you about the evidence the state says they have against Alex Murdaugh?” asked anchor Victor Blackwell.

“Yes, new evidence here, really, really important,” said Marris. “We have a blue raincoat that Murdaugh wore do his parents’ house in the days after the murders, that has to gunshot residue on it. That is something we did not know before. Also more references to gunshot residue. And Maggie’s DNA. We’ve also seen a lot of information set forth to the jury in this opening statement relating to the guns that were used.” The prosecutors never obtained the weapon, Marris, noted, “but we see them putting together their case that there was a missing gun that will match the casings that were found at the scene, and that gun was purchased by Murdaugh and now cannot be accounted for.”

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“That gunshot residue and blue raincoat or blue tarp will be an essential piece of this case,” said Marris. “In addition, we see the prosecutors laying the stage. It’s going to be cell phone data, we heard a lot about this Snapchat. We know that there might be location data. We know there’s a witness coming from Google to testify. We hear that Maggie and Paul are avid phone users, they’re going to use cell phone data in order to put together Murdaugh’s location, his whereabouts, and what happened on that night to piece it together.”

“Lastly, body cam footage,” Marris added. “The prosecutor said pay attention to the body cam. My guess is that’s going to be at odds with what we find on that cell phone data as far as the timeline, which has been a moving target here, that timeline is going to be key to this case.”

Watch video below or at this link.

Misty Marris explains newly revealed evidence at Murdaugh trial