RNC race turns ugly as candidate admits supporters made ‘unfortunate phone calls’ harassing voters

Harmeet Dhillon, a candidate for Republican National Committee chair, revealed that her supporters made harassing phone calls to voting members of the RNC who support MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

In an interview on Monday, Real America’s Voice host Charlie Kirk asked Dhillon to respond to complaints from committee members about harassment.

“They’re troubled that the people are now involved in this clubby process,” Kirk said.

Dhillon pointed out that “many members” of the RNC “come from the grassroots” and did not deserve to be harassed.

“Polite emails — best if you’re from their state — are persuasive,” she insisted. “Many members of the RNC have been very angry with me that supporters of mine like Scott Presler have put out email addresses. And, you know, there have also been some unfortunate phone calls from no effort on our side to people supporting Mike Lindell.”

“I’m sure he also doesn’t support that kind of effort,” she added.

Dhillon, a former lawyer for Donald Trump, said that she was running because “the Republican Party is not fulfilling its duty.”

She has also accused RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel of religious bigotry and wasteful spending.

Watch the video below from Real America’s Voice.