Proud Boys trial descended into ‘cringey’ day of testimony about group’s sex rules: reporter

The trial of several members of the Proud Boys on seditious conspiracy charges turned into what one reporter described as a “cringey” spectacle on Monday.

According to Politico’s Kyle Cheney, the “cringey” testimony occurred when attorney Carmen Hernandez, who is representing Proud Boy Zach Rehl, asked a witness about the group’s “no wanks” policy that is outlined in the group’s handbook that places strict conditions on the act of masturbation.

“A Proud Boy may not ejaculate along more often than once every thirty days,” the manual states. “That means he must abstain from pornography during that time and if he needs to ejaculate it must be within one yard of a woman with her consent. The woman may not be a prostitute.”

The rule goes on to state that Proud Boys are not even allowed to have Zoom calls with their wives as “a way around the one-yard rule.”

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The decision to question witnesses about masturbation wasn’t only questioned by legal reporters, but also by attorney Norm Pattis, who is representing Proud Boy Joe Biggs.

“Did we really talk about masturbation in Proud Boys trial today?” he asked on Twitter.