‘I never said I wouldn’t run’: Mike Pompeo hits back at Trump for claiming he’s ‘disloyal’

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo fired back at Donald Trump after the former president called him “disloyal” for considering a run for the White House in 2024.

During a Monday interview on Fox News radio, host Brian Kilmeade told Pompeo that Trump had recently said it would be “disloyal” for former cabinet members to run against him.

“I never said I wouldn’t run,” Pompeo replied. “It doesn’t matter who else gets in the race.”

“And when the president talks about being disloyal, I think he just misunderstands,” he continued. “The loyalty is to your obligation to the country, your duty to the nation.”

Pompeo said that all Republican candidates who get into the race for president “should bring it.”

“It will be awkward,” he said of the 2024 primary debates. “But it will also be enlightening for the American people. They’ll get to see who each of us is.”

Pompeo has previously said that Trump’s 2024 campaign announcement would not stop him from running.

Listen to the audio clip below from The Brian Kilmeade Show.