Right-wing donor wishes he could get his money back from ‘con man’ George Santos

Gavin Wax, the president of the New York Young Republican Club, donated $500 to the joint fundraising committee of Rep. George Santos (R-NY) last year.

But as Politico reports, Wax has come to regret that decision after seeing Santos’ entire life story exposed as a fabrication.

In an interview with the publication, Wax said he would not be backing Santos again in 2024, while also accusing the congressman of “playing all sides” in order to achieve his goal of political power.

“The thing that made him good at being a con man was that he could align himself with whatever group he was addressing,” Wax explained.

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When asked by Politico about the money he donated to Santos, Wax simply said, “I wish I got it back.”

Multiple New York Republicans have called for Santos to step down over his myriad scandals, which not only include fabricating his work, academic and family histories, but also include allegedly stealing thousands of dollars that were raised for a disabled veteran to pay for health care for his dying service dog.

Despite this, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has not called upon Santos to resign and even assigned him to two congressional committees this week.