Christian nationalist conference headed to Trump resort as former president ‘increasingly embraces’ QAnon

In May, former Donald Trump adviser Michael Flynn’s “ReAwaken America” tour will take up weekend residence at Donald Trump’s Doral Golf Course, bringing to the luxury facility a crowd of QAnon believers and supporters of Flynn’s growing brand of Christian nationalism.

According to the Daily Beast’s Will Sommer, the tour has been on the road for some time but this marks the first stop at a Trump property where speakers, who have yet to be announced, will feed red meat rhetoric to supporters of both Flynn and the former president.

As one religious scholar has previously noted, the “ReAwaken America” rallies are little more than a “clown show” adding, “The events are both bizarre and popular enough to pose a question ever relevant to our national discourse about religion and politics and especially important to conservative Christians: Has the white evangelical church’s association with Republican politics been good or bad for Christianity?”

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With Sommer writing the conference will be “marking a new connection between the ex-president and his party’s far-right fringe,” he also added, “News of the event comes as Trump increasingly embraces QAnon, the conspiracy theory that posits Democrats are engaged in the Satanic torture of children and will soon be imprisoned and executed in a sort of fascist purge by Trump.”

As the Daily Beast report notes, one of the founders, rightwing personality Clay Clark, has previously told attendees during a stop in New York, “At this Reawaken America Tour, Jesus is King [and] President Donald J. Trump is our president.”

“While Trump has long allied himself with conspiracy theorists, he has stepped up his public support for QAnon and other outlandish beliefs in the aftermath of the 2020 election,” Sommers wrote before adding the weekend agenda has yet to be published.

However, as he noted, “An online flyer promoting the Trump Doral stop, though, suggests that the speaker’s list could include a number of prominent conspiracy theorists. Along with Flynn, an outspoken QAnon booster himself, the flyer features pictures of QAnon promoters Ann Vandersteel and Scott McKay,” before adding, “Known as ‘Patriot Streetfighter’ to his fans, McKay wields a tomahawk onstage and urges his fans to threaten violence against police officers enforcing coronavirus restrictions. In videos to his supporters, McKay has explained that he believes a 1,400-year-old Satanic cabal controls the world.”

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