Chicago Police district candidate’s racist and misogynist social media history is uncovered

A Chicago election attorney who worked with the Fraternal Order of Police on district council races and is listed as treasurer on multiple campaign committees has a history of racist and misogynistic social media activity, the Chicago Reader reports.

Pericles “Perry” Abbasi, who is also a candidate in the 25th District, shared a variety of racist tropes online. He said he despised the idea of women in groups and the “wickedness that comes from them talking to each other,” and wrote that a bar owner he’d helped with liquor licensing had provided him with “Polish girls” who may have been “trafficked” — sentiments that Abbasi claimed were just him trolling and trying to be funny.

From the Chicago Reader: “On May 25, 2022, Abbasi tweeted a photo of himself juxtaposed with one of George Floyd, who former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin murdered in 2020, with the caption ‘Rest in Peace, George Floyd.’ He described the tweet as, ‘Making fun of white liberals virtue-signaling’ in the wake of Floyd’s murder. In another message apparently written by him, someone who identified himself as Abbasi wrote, ‘I’ve said in spaces that the horrible black american diet is the reason for 13/50!'”

According to the Chicago Reader, the “13/50” reference is in regards to a false claim that Black people make up 50 percent of arrests.

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Just this month, Abbasi retweeted a photoshopped picture another user posted of him wearing Ku Klux Klan outfit while sitting next to Kanye West.

“I’ll get an idea that sounds funny, and I’ll post it,” Abbasi said, adding that he likes “to play the villain, and make up insane things to stir sh** up.”

Read the full report over at the Chicago Reader.