Ohio cop caught on video repeatedly punching Black woman in the head

Police in Ohio are investigating a video showing a Butler Township Police officer striking a woman in the face as they struggled with her during an arrest, Dayton247Now reports.

The video, which was taken on Jan. 16, shows the officer punch the woman in the head multiple times. There is no audio accompanying the video. There’s currently no information as to why the woman was being detained.

Butler Township Police Chief John Porter said the department is planning to hold a news conference this Wednesday to address the incident.

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“We are aware of the video recorded by a bystander concerning an incident that occurred on January 16, 2023, involving two of our officers,” Porter said. “This incident is currently under investigation in accordance with departmental policies and procedures, as is the case whenever force is used in an arrest.”

The woman has not yet been identified.

Watch the video below or at this link.