Trump lawyers hire outside team to search properties for more documents — and won’t say what they found

Donald Trump’s lawyers hired an outside team to search four of his properties for any remaining classified materials, four months after FBI agents seized top-secret government documents at Mar-a-Lago.

A source familiar with the matter told CNN the two-person team searched Trump Tower in New York, the Bedminster golf club and two other properties for materials the Department of Justice suspects may not have been returned to the federal government.

Trump’s attorneys oversaw the four searches that were carried out in recent weeks, and even offered to let federal investigators observe the search at Bedminster, but that offer was declined.

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The Justice Department would not typically observe searches that aren’t carried out by law enforcement, and their response to the Trump team’s offer deterred the lawyers from asking again.

The source would not disclose what Trump’s lawyers told the Justice Department about the searches, but the source did say the attorneys had not attested that no additional material was found — which leaves open the possibility that more documents turned up.