Trump is determined to ‘throw gas on the fire’ no matter what threats his supporters make: Maggie Haberman

On CNN Tuesday, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman weighed in on former President Donald Trump’s deliberate efforts to worsen the political climate and pit lawmakers against one another.

“The Big Lie, January 6th, Maggie, which all gets back to the former president, Donald Trump,” said anchor John Berman. “What extent does this environment help him control the Republican Party in Congress?”

“Well, look, Donald Trump governs by fear and always has governed by fear,” said Haberman. “And to the extent that you have Republicans who are looking not just to him as somebody who is their leader but also looking at a common enemy, in their view, in Democrats. And Trump has certainly stoked that, that is in his — to his benefit and in his favor and it is something that he prefers. He wants Republicans to look at Democrats as their enemy.”

“You do hear a lot of complaints from Republicans that the atmosphere is just toxic across the board now,” added Haberman. “It is no longer just Republicans, but there are these threats that Democratic lawmakers in particular are facing, and that is part of why the climate is so bad. Donald Trump is very good and has been historically, John, at throwing gasoline on a fire. Not tamping it down. And I think that’s what you’re seeing here.”

Watch below:

Maggie Haberman says Trump is “throwing gasoline on a fire” and making political tension worse